A peculiarity of the Iberian Peninsula

It was not until the affair with the Neapolitan corpses that Major Grant became very concerned about Mr Strange the magician. Before this time Grant had been satisfied that Strange’s education in warfare, while doubtless a rude and abrupt one, was proceeding as might be expected. It is a hard thing to watch other men die around you and come out yourself alive, but it is a hard thing that every soldier must develop a tolerance for, alongside pot-holed roads and an empty belly.

Title: A peculiarity of the Iberian Peninsula

Author: equestrianstatue

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: It was not until the affair with the Neapolitan corpses that Major Grant became very concerned about Mr Strange the magician. Before this time Grant had been satisfied that Strange’s education in warfare, while doubtless a rude and abrupt one, was proceeding as might be expected.

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Strange/Grant – Clothed Sex

It had been an odd and bloody sort of day, all told, and somewhat beyond everything Grant had been prepared for. The hours that followed the battle were a new and desperate kind of chaos, and the uppermost thought in Grant’s mind throughout that time was that he must continue to be useful – although he had to admit that he did not feel quite himself.

It was inevitable, then, when roughly three hours after hostilities ceased, Grant had lost enough blood and had become so exhausted that it seemed prudent to sit down for a little while, immediately and somewhat accidentally, against the nearest wall.

Title: Strange/Grant – Clothed Sex

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: Two (or more) characters of your choosing have a shag without bothering to undress, with awkward consequences. Give me telltale dishevelment, torn stockings, popped seams, and incriminating stains. Any pairing is fine, OP is not picky!

Summary: After the Battle of Waterloo is over, Strange and Major Grant attempt to carry on as normal.

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The Ghastly Harvest

ghastly harvest

It occurred to Strange upon his arrival at the tent that its stillness and silence were an ill omen indeed. Elsewhere the camp still held that chaotic frenzy brought on by the aftermath of battle: buildings belching up hot sparking smoke into the blackening sky; mud thrown up about them churned in part with blood and gore and treacherous underfoot; a dozen men at every side frantic with their varied occupations, be it butchery or wood-chopping or fire-dousing or dying.

Here there was no one – save Strange, the boy who brought him, and Childermass. He lay quite unmoving on the workman’s table, and the ground about him was dark with blood, the air thick and wet and soaked with the smell of it.

Title: The Ghastly Harvest

Author: oxymoronic

Characters: John Childermass/Jonathan Strange & John Uskglass

Summary: Following the battle of Waterloo, Childermass – however briefly – joins the fallen.

Author’s Notes:  apologies for it being a bit unpolished, I’m not happy with it at all, but thought the fandom needed at least a little more to get its teeth into. this assumes a brief canon divergence in imagining that Childermass (for whatever reason) went with Strange to Brussels, and thus was present during Waterloo.

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Grant was shaving when he first heard it, a rumour, a voice outside his tent as it flapped lazily in the breeze; somebody whose voice he didn’t recognise said it.The magician is gone. Grant couldn’t hear the other person’s response.

He didn’t visibly react in any way. He simply finished shaving, washed his face with warm, stale water from the wooden bucket at his feet, then headed silently and directly for the magician’s tent on the other side of the encampment. He wasn’t alarmed, or certainly wouldn’t have described himself as being so. But Major Grant had carved a career out of the necessity of keeping his eyes and ears open, he was very good at it, and there was no point in failing to act on whatever information one received.

Title: Wilderness

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: Strange has reservations about a spell Wellington wants him to cast a spell to confound the French… inevitably the spell backfires and has a potent effect on Strange. Grant is sent out to find him and find him he does, and he quickly realises that Strange is not entirely himself.

Summary: follows prompt.

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Wherein Strange’s Pride is Sorely Tested

Lord Wellington regularly demands the impossible from his engineers and generals. He sees no reason to make allowances for his magician.

Strange seems a decent sort. He’s laughably unaccustomed to war of course, but adapting quickly, and adaptability is a quality that Lord Wellington admires in a gentleman. Adaptability wins battles, the sorts of battles where direct assault is impossible due to enemy numbers but a shrewd tactician may yet prevail. Those of his men who fail to adapt to a soldier’s lot live short and unhappy lives.

Title: Wherein Strange’s Pride is Sorely Tested

Author: Frances Houseman

Characters: Jonathan Strange/Duke of Wellington

Summary: Time is short and Strange has been thrust upon them, as fresh-faced to society as he is to battle. Those fools in London are either naïve or desperate, and probably both. Drastic measures are called for.

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In the country of the dead

Later, Strange finds that the dry oak floorboards have warped and split where he spilled his blood. Furled leaves are forcing their way through the crannies, and worm-like tendrils of roots and stalks, and then, within hours, a spray of white flowers. He doesn’t know what sort of flowers they are. They smell of stagnancy, and the inner lining of coffins. They are not, he thinks, native to the wood. Perhaps a stray seed, or a bit of corn blown in from the hillsides… but then, there is not much left growing on the hillsides, in any direction where the army has been. And Strange does not know very much about flowers. He would after all have made a poor farmer, he reflects.

Title: In the country of the dead

Author: kvikindi

Characters: Jonathan Strange & Neapolitans

Summary: Strange stays in the windmill with the Neapolitan soldiers.

Archivist’s Note: this story is missing in action. Contact me if you are the author and are willing to allow me to host the story here.

before the world was big

With the mill on fire behind him, only a little below the sunrise, Grant looks out at the men — hats doffed, bandages dirty. He is glad of the six cannon. He is glad that — God, and Strange-willing, the bridge will be moved soon, and the dead will be dead once more. Everything before him is golden in the light — soft, cool to the touch. He does not look back.

Title: before the world was big

Author: tigrrmilk

Characters: Jonathan Strange & Colquhoun Grant

Summary: They do not want to go to war. Who wants to go to war? But it is not their own country they fight for, and it is not their enemy they mount against, and it is not their decision to make.

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