Wherein Strange’s Pride is Sorely Tested

Lord Wellington regularly demands the impossible from his engineers and generals. He sees no reason to make allowances for his magician.

Strange seems a decent sort. He’s laughably unaccustomed to war of course, but adapting quickly, and adaptability is a quality that Lord Wellington admires in a gentleman. Adaptability wins battles, the sorts of battles where direct assault is impossible due to enemy numbers but a shrewd tactician may yet prevail. Those of his men who fail to adapt to a soldier’s lot live short and unhappy lives.

Title: Wherein Strange’s Pride is Sorely Tested

Author: Frances Houseman

Characters: Jonathan Strange/Duke of Wellington

Summary: Time is short and Strange has been thrust upon them, as fresh-faced to society as he is to battle. Those fools in London are either naïve or desperate, and probably both. Drastic measures are called for.

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