a better, happier st sebastian

“Grant had been in Paris between the wars for a brief period, nominally with the charge of helping to shore up the Bourbons. The Bourbons were a family badly need of shoring-up, there was no doubt. However, in reality, he had done what Wellington liked, and the rest of the time, he had indulged his melancholy. He had taken up with a tousle-haired journalist whose boyish smile was alarmingly sweet; then, when the journalist threw him over (on account of his “tedious English disposition”), with a lawyer who had dark curls and an endearing hint of buck teeth. Oh, yes; Grant was resigned to the slow disaster of his choices. He fucked the journalist face-down, touching his auburn hair, kissing the nape of his neck, where it formed loose curls; he let the lawyer, who was a tender lover, fuck him and afterwards take his cock in his mouth, so that Grant could rest a hand against his face and close his eyes and picture a man who was not present.”

Title: a better happier st sebastian

Author: halsinator

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Grant and Strange in an abandoned farmhouse outside Mons.

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Read it on Archive Of Our Own


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