Strange/ Neapolitans

The stench was unbelievable as they clustered around him.
It may have been his overactive imagination, but Strange suspected it was getting worse.
The dead Neapolitans had been reanimated for no more than two days. Two days in which they followed him, dragging their feet and mumbling in their unintelligible tongue. Initially he had asked Captain Whyte to translate what they were saying for him, in case they possessed any more useful intelligence that might aid the British forces in their war effort. However, it soon became apparent that what they had to say was essentially the same thing, over and over again.
Restore me to life, they pleaded. Take me back to Naples. I want to see my family again.
“Thank you,” Strange told Whyte. “That will be enough for now.”

Title: Strange/Neapolitans

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Neapolitans/Strange

Prompt: Maybe Strange has to have sex with the Neapolitans in order to de-animate them? Maybe the Neapolitans have their way with him? I’d love to read some consensual or non-consensual necro, basically.

Summary: Strange is sexually assaulted by the reanimated corpses of the dead Neapolitan soldiers.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme 

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