Count your chickens

Strange had no idea what time it was, but then time meant nothing when at War. A soldier was required to be prepared night and day. Strange on the other hand was a magician. The luxury of sleeping when the sun went down and waking when it rose once more, was very much his alone. Major Grant and Colonel De Lancey had been away from camp for the last two days and nights, with the aim of gaining intelligence on the movements of the French. They were due to report back to Wellington this coming morning. Perhaps it was their horses which had woken him, with their clinking bits and impatient hooves stamping into sods of earth. He only realised what indeed it was that had woken him when he heard it for a second time.

Title: Count your chickens

Author: thaumatomane (choosedailymail)

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Major Grant is gravely injured during a spot of espionage. Strange sees if he can help using magic, with accidentally sexy consequences.

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