The Curious Incident Of The Fox In The Wartime

Jonathan Strange winced as he watched the regimental surgeon stitch the wound on Major Colquhoun Grant’s left shoulder. Grant of course insisted that it was only a flesh wound and did not hurt one bit, but Strange could not help imagining what would have happened if the bullet that had grazed his friend had ended up closer to its intended target. Colonel De Lancey, who was leaning against a tent pole sipping a glass of the brandy that the surgeon had brought with him in case Grant actually admitted to needing any pain relief, seemed to read his thoughts. “This will not do, Grant,” he said “I know Merlin here has saved our lives on more than one occasion but you must take more care and stop thinking of him as some kind of lucky charm that will protect you from the enemy’s bullets.”

Title: The Curious Incident Of The Fox In The Wartime

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: Colquhoun Grant & Jonathan Strange

Prompts: (i) “I do not think you could have persuaded Colquhoun Grant to become a fox.” Strange persuades Colquhoun Grant to become a fox; (ii) Since Strange is very much invested in his bosom friend Grant’s well-being he makes a lucky charm/protective amulet/talisman from a trinket or anything else.

Summary: “Not so much ‘persuades’ as ‘accidentally causes’ and possibly too tame to fill the prompt properly but you might enjoy it anyway. Partial inspiration from the talisman/lucky charm prompt.”

Notes: This story is followed by A Tale of Two Redoats, written by nothinghamshire as a birthday gift for solitaryjo; solitaryjo responded with The Thrill of the Chase.

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