Strange/ the French

Strange had taken a rifle butt to the head at about the same time that the soldier next to him had had his throat unceremoniously cut. So he did not have to see the blood pour out of the man, since for a brief moment there was only darkness, and then he was blinking dizzily at the ground, very certain that he was about to vomit, which he did a moment later, though it did not make him feel less ill. He was not very good at being injured, he hazily thought.

Title: Strange/the French

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Jonathan Strange/the French, Colquhoun Grant & Jonathan Strange

Prompt:  Give me some good ol non-con. make it DEVASTATING and HORRIBLE in the best way possible. any male character will do honestly. (+ an entire comment chain of prompting).

Summary: Strange is captured and raped by the French; Grant takes care of him afterwards.

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a better, happier st sebastian

“Grant had been in Paris between the wars for a brief period, nominally with the charge of helping to shore up the Bourbons. The Bourbons were a family badly need of shoring-up, there was no doubt. However, in reality, he had done what Wellington liked, and the rest of the time, he had indulged his melancholy. He had taken up with a tousle-haired journalist whose boyish smile was alarmingly sweet; then, when the journalist threw him over (on account of his “tedious English disposition”), with a lawyer who had dark curls and an endearing hint of buck teeth. Oh, yes; Grant was resigned to the slow disaster of his choices. He fucked the journalist face-down, touching his auburn hair, kissing the nape of his neck, where it formed loose curls; he let the lawyer, who was a tender lover, fuck him and afterwards take his cock in his mouth, so that Grant could rest a hand against his face and close his eyes and picture a man who was not present.”

Title: a better happier st sebastian

Author: halsinator

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Grant and Strange in an abandoned farmhouse outside Mons.

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