Toy Soldiers

toy soldiers

“Lord Wellington wants to see you, Merlin,” De Lancey announced when the army returned to camp, late in the afternoon. “He’s in his tent.”

“Lord Wellington times his requests ill,” Strange said. He had been working all day on a new spell, and had almost finished his notes.

“It is not a request,” De Lancey said. “Don’t keep him waiting, he’s in enough of a bate as it is.”

What impossible task did Wellington have for him now, Strange wondered irritably. Perhaps he would like him to reverse night and day, or throw the mountains into the sea.

Title: Toy Soldiers

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange, with Wellington

Prompt:   Strange – Orgasm Denial.  I’ll just leave this here.  [Additional prompters suggested that Wellington might do this to remind Strange who’s boss, or might have Grant do it.]

Summary:  Wellington orders Grant to teach Strange a lesson. It does not go quite as expected.

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