Little Distractions


Grant had many scars upon his body that could be described as unsightly. He wasn’t ashamed of any of them, for a collection of battle blemishes often made a good soldier. A good soldier came to war domesticated and soft-skinned, and left with a pock-marked pelt of visible memories that could drive a man mad if he paid much attention to them. Grant paid as much attention to the decorations upon his skin as he did those on his uniform which recognised his rank, or medals he might be awarded. A scar, like a medal, was proof of bravery. However, it didn’t stop Grant from wanting to cover his. Again, this was not due to embarrassment, but because they were always a distraction.

Title: Little Distractions

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt:  I’ve read some really incredible Strange/Grant fics on this meme but all of them have involved Grant topping. Whilst I love this, I’d really like to read something where Grant is happy to bend over and gladly give himself to Merlin and Merlin being a surprisingly talented top.

Summary: Strange treats Grant like an equal.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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