The far side of the mirror


Jonathan Strange’s blood was pumping faster and faster as he listened to Mr Gatcombe’s account, causing the copious quantities of wine that Grant had been plying him with all evening to saturate his entire system. He might’ve swayed on his feet were it not for the counteractive force of his own magic, which was faintly buzzing now throughout his body with a kind of electric current, charged and anticipatory. His indignation was growing more pronounced with every word the stranger spoke, until he could no longer keep up the pretense.

“Sir, I am Jonathan Strange, and I have never heard of you before today. You are the victims of a hoax.”

Title: The far side of the mirror

Author: fohatic

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: When the gentlemen from Nottinghamshire provoke Jonathan Strange into disappearing through the Bedford’s mirror, he brings along an unexpected passenger who may have had one glass of port too many.

Author’s Notes: This is a response to a very brief kinkmeme prompt asking for Strange/Grant wall sex (prob. this one – Ed.). It was meant to be a PWP, but I got a bit carried away…

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