Marital Disharmony

marital disharmony

The quarrel between Arabella and Jonathan was well into its second day now, and for two pins she would have smashed every mirror in the house. Before Jonathan went to the wars, their arguments had often ended in a vigorous bout of fucking, but this time the anger between them was too fierce and bitter for any such quick resolution. Both of them were half-mad with vexation and sorely in need of release.

It was time to end this, Arabella thought, before the breach became irreparable. Cutting through Jonathan’s latest burst of self-justification, she burst out: “Enough!”

Title: Marital Disharmony

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Arabella takes matters into her own hands after the King’s Roads quarrel.

Author’s Notes: Written for this prompt at the kinkmeme: “Angry Arabella/Strange – Hot Mad Sex.  I’m imagining this happening after the King’s Roads argument, but it could work at other times as well. Arabella is really, REALLY angry with Jonathan and the way she expresses it is to absolutely dominate him: ripping his clothes off, pushing him down on the bed, showing him just who’s boss in every possible way. Jonathan is left completely wrecked, exhausted, and very thoroughly chastised for his misbehavior.”

Notes: Part of the General Arabella series.

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