His Lordship’s Men

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Major Grant couldn’t remember much of life before being a soldier.

He was accustomed to war and not just the battles, but the company of the men, the kinship of which one formed with his fellow soldiers- a brotherhood that could only be explained by boys of regiment.

He was, first and foremost, a soldier, so discipline, obedience and following orders came naturally to him.

Title: His Lordship’s Men

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey and Colquhoun Grant/Duke of Wellington

Prompt: Wellington and Grant fucking, with optional involvement by De Lancey and Strange. Pref. fuckbuddy arrangement, but OP isn’t fussy. + for uniforms + for dom!Wellington + for Grant’s hairy chest and forearms and big dark eyes + for De Lancey’s efficiency + for Strange’s surprising energy (see also Of Duty).

Summary: Wellington deals with the discipline of his officers personally.

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