Grant/Strange – canon divergence

grant at jail

Despite his deeply felt remorse over the loss of Jonathan Strange’s wife, Major Grant’s patience for the man was wearing thin. He didn’t wish to hear another word about the supposed magical advantages that might be acquired through induced madness, though Strange had been ranting on the subject for the entire duration of the carriage ride. In his wild-eyed fervor — with his hair as unkempt as Grant had ever seen it, his unshaven face, and his sunken eyes betraying his definite lack of adequate sleep — Grant suspected that the man was already nearer to his goal than he understood.

Title: Grant/Strange – canon divergence

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: Grant actually gets Strange released from gaol. However he clearly cannot let his dirty, unstable, slandered, recently bereft, magically powerful army buddy go wandering around London. So he takes Strange home with him.

Summary: Follows the prompt very closely

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One thought on “Grant/Strange – canon divergence

  1. thank you so much for putting this up here! I’m the author and I actually forgot about writing this (browsing your blog, I thought: this one looks familiar…)! finding it again was a treat since I hadn’t read the more recent comments that were left for it! 😀

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