“Why don’t you ask for more?”

Grant turned, a look of genuine surprise widening his eyes. “I beg your pardon, Merlin? More of what?”

Strange lifted his hands from his thighs in a helpless gesture. “More magic. I hardly feel I’m earning my keep here, I’ve done so little. It’s been two months since I was last called upon to make a road, three weeks since I was last asked to use my dish to look for anything –”

Title: Distraction

Author: onstraysod

Characters: Colquhoun Grant & Jonathan Strange

Prompt: Jonathan Strange/Colquhoun Grant for the prompt “Why don’t you ask for more?” from Prompt Set #559

Summary: Merlin feels useless during a lull in the war.

Notes: Part of the Conjuring Shadows Prompt Fill Collection by onstraysod.  Other Team Peninsular stories in this series:

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