The sun was descending, the shadows lengthening in the camp, but the lamps filled the tent with light. De Lancey leaned upon the table, studying the map spread out before him; he supported his weight with his left hand and turned the glass in idle circles with his right. He heard the flap of the tent lifted behind him with an impatient snap and he glanced over his shoulder to see Grant, his coat and boats liberally covered with dust.

Title: Intoxication

Author: onstraysod

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey

Prompt: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey for the prompt “Please, seduce the right person” from Prompt Set #545

Summary: Grant returns to camp at the end of a long day.

Notes: Part of the Conjuring Shadows Prompt Fill Collection by onstraysod.  Other Team Peninsular stories in this series:

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