untitled after bell


“Merlin, I know you must be… ”

“You do not know anything. How could you? You have never been married. You have never loved. You have never had to watch someone you would give your own life for die right in front of you.”

Grant gritted his teeth. He did not want to be angry with Strange but the man could be damned insensitive.

“No,” his voice caught in his throat as he turned away and walked towards the window, “I just had to step over his body and pretend I did not care.”

With the sky darkening outside, Strange could see Grant’s face in the window, the dull glass reflecting an expression that he had never seen before in all the years they had known each other.

“Oh God. I am sorry. I had no idea… ”

“How could you possibly have been aware,” Grant sighed, looking out at the mist that was starting to dim the light of the street lamps, “when even he was not.”

He turned back to face Strange, his eyes full of regret and glistening with tears still unshed.

“At least Arabella knew she was loved. ”


Drabble by solitaryjo, originally uploaded onto Tumblr

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