Borrowed Time


A cannonball floated weightlessly before the muzzle of its bore. In the air, beads of rain hung like shimmering diamonds suspended from threads. Muskets became frozen branches growing from the arms of the men holding them, their boots rooted in the muddy grass. Beside them, the smoking charges of their weapons hovered like static clouds of fog. Rearing stallions balanced on thin legs, the dirty tendrils of their manes stiffened above the terrified whites of their eyes. This tableaux of war stood beneath an eerie light, entombed in silence. This was Waterloo, and this was Aureate magic.

Title: Borrowed Time

Author: thaumatomane

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey & Jonathan Strange

Summary: During the Battle of Waterloo, Strange performs some old-fashioned magic that allows Major Grant to say his goodbyes to Colonel De Lancey.

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