Greater Love

The battle had broken Merlin. It had not been immediately obvious, not at first, but the last couple of days had placed it beyond doubt. The pall that hung over the magician still was not a shock of battle that faded with victory, but a much deeper and more grievous sort of wound. One that Major Grant, at least, was visibly beginning to fear would prove permanent.

Wellington knew the cause, too. He had heard from a variety of sources what had taken place inside Hougoumont during the battle, and he knew his magician well enough to know why it had shattered him. He did not tend to take overt interest in the lives of his men, but that did not mean he did not pay attention. He knew full well what had broken Merlin.

Title: Greater Love

Author: icarus_chained

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange/Duke of Wellington

Summary: “Can a magician kill a man by magic?” In the aftermath of Waterloo, Wellington revisits that conversation with Strange and Grant in an effort to put his shattered magician back together. Whether or not it entirely works, the three of them do create a moment of comfort and companionship for themselves.

Prompt: After the bloodbath of Waterloo, THAT CONVERSATION is revisited. Give me angry, traumatised Merlin, and Wellington in stern father mode. Whether it ends up with Grant having to physically remove Merlin, or Wellington taking him aside for some super-intense hurt/comfort, I don’t mind. I just want Wellington to acknowledge what the war has done to his magician, and to show a gentler side now the fighting is over. Angst, angst, lovely angst. Lay it on me!

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