The Thrill of the Chase


Major Grant and Colonel De Lancey were sitting by a fire enjoying a glass or two of wine. It was a pleasantly cool evening and the intelligence that Grant had just brought back suggested that they would not face any action for at least a few more weeks.

That news must have spurred Lord Wellington into taking action to alleviate the men’s boredom, as an excited young captain came running up to them and breathlessly delivered the news. “His lordship has asked me to inform you that he will be riding to hounds in the morning if you should care to join him.”

Title: The Thrill of the Chase

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey

Summary: The continuing adventures of Major Fox.

Notes: This story follows on from The Curious Incident of the Fox in the Wartime, also by solitaryjo, and A Tale of Two Redcoats by nothinghamshire.

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