No Such Things

no such things

As they made their way through the rain towards the large abandoned farmhouse where Lord Wellington had decided to set up his headquarters, a group of Spaniards came running up to them and started yelling and gesticulating with such fervour that the General was temporarily rendered speechless.

He turned to Major Grant in exasperation, “Good lord. What on earth has got them so excited?”

“They are warning us not to go any further, my lord,” Grant translated, bracing himself for the inevitable reaction, “they say it is haunted.”

Title: No Such Things

Author: solitary_jo

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, & the Duke of Wellington

Summary: Team Peninsular spends the night in an abandoned farmhouse.

Notes: This fic was written for the Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell Society of Magicians Halloween Celebration, for the “Ghosts” prompt.

Read it on Archive Of Our Own

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