The Deepest Cut

“My lord,” De Lancey stood before his commander wearing an incredulous frown, “surely you do not mean to have an officer flogged? There must be an alternative.” He knew Wellington was not averse to using corporal punishment to discipline the “scum of the earth” and make examples out of those who broke the rules but this was unprecedented.

The General looked up from his desk, “Are you questioning my decision, De Lancey? I gave my word when the local authorities agreed to hand him over and the court martial has ruled that he should bear the consequences of his actions. He steadfastly refuses to name the men responsible for these crimes and must therefore be subject to the punishment that would otherwise have been inflicted upon them.”

“But, sir!”

“That is enough, Colonel. I will not tolerate this. You are dismissed.”

Title: The Deepest Cut

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/William De Lancey

Prompt: I’d love to read about one of the Peninsular characters being disciplined via flogging (could be Strange post-trees scene, Grant after losing Wellington’s artillery, anything A!A thinks of..)  The character’s reactions to the punishment would highly interest me, particularly Wellington’s indifference to it and the impact on the person receiving it. H/C afterwards would also be a big bonus.  It doesn’t have to be shippy but feel free to make it so if you’d like!

Summary: Wellington has one of his officers flogged.

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