The Boys

The boys are playing at soldiers again. The mothers pause in their companionable chatter over the mending basket and peep over the garden wall to see them pass.Young Colley has his wooden sword drawn as he leads them in procession to the woods, their leader since Arthur was sent to school. He has his best red jacket on again, a woolen scarf tied around his waist like a sash and a tall hat folded out of paper. “He’s very proud of that coat,” whispers his mother as he goes by, “sometimes I think I’ll never get him out of it even at bedtime.” She’s quietly grateful though, that he minds his clothes more than the most boys and she can trust him to keep an eye on the others.

Title: Stories from Tumblr (The Boys)

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, Winespill, Jeremy Johns, John Childermass & John Segundus

Summary: The boys play at soldier, while their mothers look on.

Author’s Notes: A short bit of fic inspired by asexualscripps wondering about the Peninsula Boys when they were very young. I read a book many years ago where the youngest characters are playing at soldiers while the older characters watch them in secret, so this is also inspired by that.

Chapter 1 of Stories from Tumblr

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