A Fresh Face


Colonel De Lancey buys his way into the army.

 Boys like him come in short supply; tall, young, sturdy and he looks good in a redcoat. He starts out well, and most of his regiment would argue that he deserved his title anyway, wealth or not. But they all know he wants what most of them want, a side seat next to Wellington. But Lord Wellington doesn’t take his boys on without rigorous examination.

Title: A Fresh Face

Author: saturni_stellis

Characters: William De Lancey/Duke of Wellington

Summary: Lord Wellington likes to sample the men of his regiment, and Colonel De Lancey is more than happy to comply.

Author’s Notes: I place entire blame on the JSMN kink meme and the Tumblr team!peninsula gang for this. I apologise in advance to the real Wellington and De Lancey – however these characters are based entirely on the ones that appear in the show/book. It’s worth noting that I also based this off the presumption that Wellington didn’t really know or have any acquaintance with our dear De Lancey before he was made Colonel. (Not beta’d so apologies for any mistakes).

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