Grant appears at breakfast with a whiter than usual face and a pinker than usual nose. He makes a good act of feeling well, smiling when appropriate and sharing the usual conversation over the table, but De Lancey can’t help noticing that he speaks a little hoarsely and neglects to take his usual breakfast. Instead he busily crumbles a piece of toast over his plate so skilfully that the casual observer would never notice that he ate nothing.

Title: Stories from Tumblr (Influenza)

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant & Duke of Wellington

Summary: A little Grant/De Lancey hurt comfort. Grant catches a cold, De Lancey looks after him and Wellington notices.

Author’s Notes: There is a little more worry over the homophobic attitudes of the time but it ends happily. I’m also going to warn anyone who might be bothered by it that Regency era medicine gets a mention, including blood letting. Nothing is too graphically described but it does happen.

Chapter 5 of Stories from Tumblr

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