Jogos de Bola


They wandered away from the crowds of soldiers, sailors and camp followers who thronged the quays and headed into a quieter part of the city, strolling amiably side by side as they drank from a bottle of wine that De Lancey had liberated from the last inn they had stopped at and pausing occasionally to listen to music or watch the young people dancing in the streets.

Rounding a corner, they came upon a group of men engaged in one of the traditional local pastimes.

Title: Jogos de Bola

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange & William De Lancey

Prompt: Lisbon, halfway through the Peninsular Campaign. Strange and Grant get drunk and let off steam, in that boisterous, affectionate, silly way that English men seem to specialise in. Strange does some magic, because he likes showing off. Grant encourages him, because he is privately pretty thrilled that his drinking companion is a bloody magician of all things.

There have been some deeply beautiful and heartbreaking fics written about these two, but they probably also had some fun times. Any level of intimacy, from platonic friendship to full on fucking, with a slight preference for sexy fun. Bonus points if Strange moves Grant’s balls about by magic.

Summary:  Strange, Grant and De Lancey get drunk in Lisbon.

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