We Shall Remember Him

de lancey

It is the middle of the night when Strange wakes up and sees the candles still burning. Grant is no longer in bed beside him, but sitting hunched over his desk in his nightshirt and writing. Whatever he is writing cannot be happy because he frowns over each page and the act of writing itself must be painful: his bandaged right arm is out of the sling and moving the pen more slowly over the page than it usually would.
“Grant?” Strange asks from the bed, “what are you doing at this hour?”

Title: We Shall Remember Him

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange & William De Lancey

Prompt: So there’s that moment, that “what do you think they’ll do with us now” moment in episode 4(?), where Grant looks out at the battlefield of bodies and you can see him almost break down and swallow back tears. I just want Strange to comfort him so much. Even if it’s just a little cuddle where he encourages him to let the emotion out into his shoulder – I want it.

How could anyone possibly deal with such a sight? How would Strange cope with seeing strong snarky Grant who can make light of anything, with a trembling lip and wet eyes? For once I want it to be Grant who needs comforting and for Strange to be happy to give it to him.

Summary: follows the prompt.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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