How to putte Questiones to the Dark…

how to putte questiones

It was not a little thing, when it first happened. It was rather a moment of importance. He was pinned up against a tree, a grubby hand on his neck and French being barked at full volume into his face.

“L’espion de Wellington! Vous petit bâtard, je vous ai!”

He found it profoundly disagreeable to be referred to as a spy – he was an officer after all, and he found it doubly disagreeable to be called it in French. But most disagreeable of all at this moment were the two hands that were now extremely persistently squeezing about his neck, in a fashion designed to prevent him from living very much longer.

Title: How to putte Questiones to the Dark and understand its Answeres

Author: cribbins

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: Written for the prompt “Strange is still a magician, only to discover that Grant can do very small, sudden acts of magic he can’t really control. Maybe they try to harness it, supress it, it comes out suddenly during a battle? Even angst, idk”

Summary: “Could a magician kill a man by magic?”
“I suppose a magician might – but a gentleman never could.”
At first Grant thought that this must be some sort of rebuke, but then, no – of course not. How could he possibly know.

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Chapter 1: Magic is not respectable, sir

Chapter 2: A gentleman could not do magic

Chapter 3: All magicians are vagabonds

Chapter 4: All magicians lie

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