Fully Alive


They were all around him and the air was thick with the stench of their cold, decaying breath, falling upon his face. He tried not to inhale it, the contagion of them, but when his lungs were emptied and his head began to throb he gasped, pulling oxygen into his chest, and little invisible pieces of their rot came along with it, sliding down his throat, lodging in his lungs.

Title: Fully Alive

Author: Anonymous

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Prompt: Of all the men in Team Peninsula, Grant appears to be the calmest when faced with the Dead Neapolitans. While even Wellington is looking a little unsettled, Grant just gets on with questioning them about the canon.

Anon would like to see what happens afterwards, particularly if when he gets out of the windmill he loses his calm facade and has a bit of a freak out about the whole thing. Bonus points if someone offers comfort. I have no preference as to pairing, could be platonic or romantic.

Summary: Follows the prompt closely.

Notes: The story is continued in Cartography, also by an anonymous author, which is available on the jsmn kinkmeme.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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