Henry Lascelles had partaken in two duels in his time, winning both of them, naturally. At least five gentlemen (and a handful of housemaids) had been so unfortunate as to receive a slap from the back of his hand. Once, he kicked a dog – oh, and a horse – for not doing as it was told. Until today, this ginger-haired rake had not often been on the receiving-end of much physical punishment. There were times as a child of course, when he was put across father’s knee for various misconducts, but in the grand scheme those stinging childhood backsides were less of a concern to Master Lascelles than the dent they made in his pride.

Title: Overkill

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Henry Lascelles

Prompt: Lascelles goes too far with his campaign against Merlin, Grant hears about it (he is a spy, after all), confronts him, loses his cool, and beats seven shades of shit out of him.

I don’t care how it happens, just give me arrogant Lascelles finally on his knees begging for it to stop, and honourable Major Grant finally dropping the gentleman soldier thing, and showing us he’s a killer.

Summary: Follows the prompt closely.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme


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