With or Without You

Lieutenant Colquhoun Grant rolled his eyes and tried to ignore the noise coming from outside. The 11th Foot had been stationed at the Colchester garrison for a little over two months and every time they were joined by a new regiment the whole place erupted in a frenzy of activity.

Sighing, he put down the newly published handbook that he had been looking forward to reading and crossed over to the window. The men riding into the yard wore glamorous uniforms with silver trim and crested helmets and the Death’s Head badge identified them as the 17th Light Dragoons – a light cavalry regiment with a reputation for dashing headfirst into the fray and a motto – Or Glory – that reflected it.

Title: With or Without You

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: AU/alternative history in which Grant and De Lancey first meet each other when they are stationed in England in the late 1790s.

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Ways

Chapter 2: So Cruel

Chapter 3: Faraway, So Close

Chapter 4: Numb

Chapter 5: Stuck in a Moment

Chapter 6: All I Want is You

Chapter 7: The Unforgettable Fire

Chapter 8: No Line on the Horizon

Chapter 9: I Will Follow

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