A Lesson in Patience

wellancey dinner

“De Lancey!”

“Yes, my lord?”

De Lancey pushed back his chair and stood to attention, awaiting his lordship’s orders. The Quartermaster’s (long) list of provisions required and his (unhappily still much shorter) list of provisions secured lay on the table in front of him. Lord Wellington had been out of humour all morning, and De Lancey knew he could not hope to escape a reprimand, though he was doing his utmost in difficult circumstances: the only question was how bad it would be.

Title: A Lesson in Patience

Author: Anonymous

Characters: William De Lancey/Duke of Wellington

Prompt: Inspired by numerous recent conversations on tumblr, how about a fic featuring a really randy De Lancey being taught a lesson in patience by Lord Wellington? I’m envisioning De Lancey being called to Wellington’s quarters where Wellington orders him to strip, then leaves him standing there at attention, naked and aching, while Wellington finishes writing some dispatches. Perhaps Wellington might make the situation even worse by throwing out the occasional suggestive (or downright filthy) comment, further reducing De Lancey to a quivering mass of need?

Summary: Follows the prompt very closely.

Notes: This is the second fill for (a version of) this prompt.  Here’s the first fill, My Way.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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