On the Use of Magic in Feeding the Injured

use of magic in feeding injured

Merlin gave an exclamation of annoyance.

“Ah?” said Colquhoun Grant, with little attention on the Army’s magician. After all, the wound to his hands was not serious, and he was the only man here who could compensate with magic.

Although the wound to his hands was caused by magic in the first place, there was that. Enemy weaponry would be less likely to target such a small area as the skin on the fingers on both a man’s hands. Indeed, Merlin’s spell itself had done that, aimed at the French soldiers with the most precise and accurate manual skills, to make the French more blundering and inept. It was just bad luck, and bad judgement, that he had left his prototype armed when he ran to answer another of Lord Wellington’s urgent missives, then run slap-bang into it on the way back.

Title: On the Use of Magic in Feeding the Injured

Author: Anonymous

Characters: Prompt: I’d LOVE to read about a character being fed. It could be something delicious as a treat, something nutritional if they’re poorly, even something necessary because they can’t feed themselves (injured Grant after Waterloo?) I just want one character sitting and spooning food into another’s mouth. It could be angsty, sexy, cracky, I don’t care, I just have a mighty need for this, it’s my mega-kink.

There’s been food-related fills before (and I’ve devoured them greedily) but I’d really like something where the feeding element is the focus.

Summary: Part IV of the series: Grant feeds an injured Merlin.

Author’s Notes: Grant & Strange, gen but with possibly-unrequited Grant/Strange if you squint.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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