The enlisted men who accompanied Major Colquhoun Grant on the expedition to San Giacomo to recover Lord Wellington’s stolen artillery found the intelligence officer oddly absent-minded over the course of those two days. Usually gregarious, an interested listener, Grant seemed not to hear the conversations of the men around him, and several times when asked a direct question he had to rouse himself with some effort and ask for the question to be repeated.

Title: Cartography

Author: Anonymous

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Prompt: We have had a few stories involving these two where it is taken for granted (pun intended) that they have been at it for years and are up for anything and some that have taken us back in time to see how it started when they were younger but I would love to read a fic where they have managed to get as far as the Peninsula without shagging each other’s brains out and are only beginning to realise what they want.

Who makes the first move? What is the reaction? Do they try to stop themselves or just give in to the lust? Has either or both been with a man before or is it the first time for one of them?

A bit of body worship thrown in there would be lovely and a follow up to Fully Alive would be perfect if the A!A who wrote that wonderful piece of hotness happens to be reading this.

Summary: Grant and De Lancey’s first time.

Author’s Notes: This is set two days after the events of Fully Alive. But reading it first isn’t strictly necessary.

Read it on the jsmn kinkmeme

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