A Black Letter

black letter

Santa Maria Zobenigo, Venice
Jonathan Strange to the reverend Henry Woodhope Dec 9th 1816

I have had the most unexpected visit in the last few days, it almost took my mind off Arabella in that dreadful prison. But no matter, he has gone now and so I shall continue [a couple of lines are unintelligible] still my conscience does not allow me to be at peace and I feel l have somehow worsened my betrayal towards her. But there are moments of clearness of the mind before the ones of crazed [the words are incomprehensible]
Do come quickly! I fear I cannot possibly go on like this. I fear I might actually be going mad …

Title: A Black Letter

Author: TheDove

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Grant reaches Strange in Venice while he is already inside the Pillar of Darkness.

Author’s Notes: This is a belated Christmas gift for the lovely etave (Thank you so much, this was such a lovely gift. I’m extremely flattered! -etave.)

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