General Arabella

general arabella

The last thing Grant had expected from an invitation to dine at 31 Soho-square was to find himself taking part in an orgy. Had he known what Mrs Strange had in mind, he would quite probably have declined the invitation. As it was, the sight of Strange astonished and scarlet-faced at his wife’s instructions after dinner had made Grant feel more inclined to turn and quit the field than at any time during his military career.

Title: General Arabella

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange & Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange

Summary: The last thing Grant had expected from an invitation to dine at 31 Soho-square was to find himself taking part in an orgy.

Author’s Notes: Written for Kalypso’s birthday, and inspired by her comments on Plan of Action, an earlier fic based on that kinkmeme prompt asking for Grant/Strange/Arabella as a consequence of Arabella’s discovery that Grant and Strange were more than comrades in the Peninsula.

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 Everything has gone a bit wrong. And it’s the middle of the night. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do about it now. Jeremy is staring down at him like he’s grown a second head. Or dramatically shifted into a wild animal. Which he has. Shifted into an animal. He’s not sure what animal. There’s no place for him to check his reflection, so he just knows he’s small. Small and inarticulate.

Title: Oops

Author: jsthesecondmagician

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange & Arthur Wellesley

Summary: A Team Peninsular Animal AU story, from a roleplayer’s blog.

Author’s Notes: For @onstraysod and @solitaryjo.

Part One: In which Jonathan Strange bungles a spell and isn’t sure how the hell he’s supposed to reverse it.

Part Two: In which Jonathan has a meeting with Wellington.

Part Three: In which Norrell is not much help, and Grant is apparently the Stoat Whisperer.

Part Four: In which Grant attempts magic and things do not go as planned.

Part Five: In which De Lancey discovers that things have gotten stranger.

All the mirrors of all the worlds

“I do not know how it will end with you and Norrell, but tell you what I’ll do. You fail and Norrell wins, I shall leave his service. I’ll take up your cause and then there will still be two magicians in England. Two opinions upon magic.”

In the year previous, the ancient and infamous institution of Bethlem Royal Hospital had relocated from rather grand but, unfortunately, sinking premises in Moorfields to a smart and well appointed new building south of the Thames. This move was largely as an attempt to escape the ongoing physical decay of the hospital, its cracking walls and its slow disappearance into its own foundations.

Title: All the mirrors of all the worlds (WIP)

Author: cribbins

Characters: Jonathan Strange & John Childermass & Colquhoun Grant

Summary: “It is quite fascinating, you know, when one takes the time to think about it. Did you ever wonder what direction your life would ever take if you were to chuse differently, or if fate intervened? Did you ever wonder what life you could have lived, if this chance encounter had not occurred, or if you made a decision to go to this party, rather than that ball? But perhaps these are bad examples…”

AU multiple worlds; Childermass and Grant encounter Strange as he moves between alternative universes.

Chapter 1: Sidewise

Chapter 2: “Why not come and be contrary with me?”

Chapter 3: Revelations of Thirty-Six Other Worlds

Chapter 4: A species of revolution

Chapter 5: Stone speaks to water

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A Magician Was a Different Matter Entirely

magician was a different matter

It just so happened that one evening Strange had been needed to perform a certain magical feat in the general’s lodgings but was taking so much time to get the spell right that everyone had left, leaving the two men alone in the room.

It took the magician a few more minutes to complete the task, but when he finally did he was glowing with satisfaction and pride, a magical twinkle in his clear blue eyes.

Title: A Magician Was a Different Matter Entirely

Author: TheDove

Characters: Jonathan Strange/Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington)

Summary: Wellington was so pleased with the road the magician had built that he started looking at him more, and decided he liked what he saw, he liked it very much.
Mr Strange was a very good looking man, quite different from the necessarily rough soldiers he surrounded himself with, being a general and all, and was so refreshingly … soft, still unscathed by the hardship of battle, so deliciously unused to the kind of affairs army men had, that his lordship believed he’d love to … take a bite.

Author’s Notes: As a belated birthday gift for Etave , these two are a bit of a rare pair for me but I had some fun writing this 😀

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Billiards and Bullfinch

(c) National Trust, Fenton House; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) National Trust, Fenton House; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

John Segundus did not play billiards and he had never been to a coffee house like the one he was in now. He did, however, have new clothes, which he was glad of on this evening. Mrs Lennox had told him that they wouldn’t be the extravagance he thought, that if he was to be spending part of the winter in London he would need nice garments, and she was right. Segundus wondered if she had somehow anticipated that he would wind up in the company of an army officer and a Minster, playing badly at the game he had been invited to but at least not looking shabby next to them. His hosts for the evening had been teaching him the basics of the game for half an hour now.

Title: Billiards and Bullfinch

Author: AlexSimon

Characters: Colquhoun Grant, John Segundus & Sir Walter Pole

Summary: In the early months of 1818, John Segundus and Major Colqhoun Grant are guests of Arabella Strange’s. On an evening out, they decide to make a visit to particular place, one where their mutual friend had lived.

Author’s Notes: For etave.

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A Most Ancient Kind of Magic

most ancient kind of magic

Jonathan Strange was delighted to receive the news that he’d be leaving for the Peninsula, and did not for a moment think about the writing on the small of his back.

Such writings on one’s body were a common and natural thing among English men and women, but were considered of such a personal and intimate nature that, naturally, they were never to be talked about.

In truth a long time had passed since Jonathan, together with his little cousins Margaret, Maria and Georgiana, had enquired about the existence of a place called “Lisbon”, back in the house in Charlotte-square; and he had no longer thought about it from the moment he first laid eyes on Arabella Woodhope.

Title: A Most Ancient Kind of Magic

Author: The Dove

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange & Arthur Wellesley

Summary: Jonathan Strange arrives in Portugal and is the cause of some queer happenings.

Author’s Notes: Literally nobody asked for this.  Still, I hope you’ll enjoy

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An England that is dead

strange mourning

Strange followed him through the dank corridors of the gaol as meekly as a little child or a scolded puppy. It was this more than any thing that Grant did not like. He had always known Strange to be outspoken, and indeed often vigorous in complaint. The blank, empty quietness that was upon him now was most unsettling.

At Grant’s instruction the guard had opened the cell grudgingly but without argument. Grant’s innate authority and the power of Wellington’s name had been enough, and although he did not think that any body would question his permission to remove Strange from the premises, he was keen to leave as quickly as possible. He kept up a good pace, with Strange behind him, until the huge heavy street-door slammed behind them and they were once again free.

Title: An England that is dead

Author: equestrianstatue

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: So I rewatched the prison scene at the end of episode five just now and was struck by how incredibly softly Grant speaks to Strange through his cell door… Grant is so worried about him you can see it all over his face, and so desperate to help.  What I’m after is a fic wherein Strange doesn’t portal out of his cell before Grant can take him away.

Summary: AU. Grant successfully removes Strange from prison.

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A remedy for insomnia

remedy for insomnia

There’s something wrong with Merlin.

De Lancey isn’t sure why nobody else has noticed. Perhaps nobody else spends as much time watching the magician. Grant has been out on another of his missions for Wellington and the Duke himself has been too busy to notice anything that isn’t directly related to the logistics of battle. So long as the magic is done, he has no more attention to spare for his magician, and the magic is being done: the situation is not so simple as Merlin failing to carry out his duties. De Lancey, however, has been engaged in a very pleasant liaison with Merlin for some time and they were friends before that.

Title: A remedy for insomnia

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey/Jonathan Strange

Summary: A new ship for the last day.

Notes: Chapter 12 of The Twelve Days of (JSAMN) fanfic Christmas.

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