A remedy for insomnia

remedy for insomnia

There’s something wrong with Merlin.

De Lancey isn’t sure why nobody else has noticed. Perhaps nobody else spends as much time watching the magician. Grant has been out on another of his missions for Wellington and the Duke himself has been too busy to notice anything that isn’t directly related to the logistics of battle. So long as the magic is done, he has no more attention to spare for his magician, and the magic is being done: the situation is not so simple as Merlin failing to carry out his duties. De Lancey, however, has been engaged in a very pleasant liaison with Merlin for some time and they were friends before that.

Title: A remedy for insomnia

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey/Jonathan Strange

Summary: A new ship for the last day.

Notes: Chapter 12 of The Twelve Days of (JSAMN) fanfic Christmas.

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