An England that is dead

strange mourning

Strange followed him through the dank corridors of the gaol as meekly as a little child or a scolded puppy. It was this more than any thing that Grant did not like. He had always known Strange to be outspoken, and indeed often vigorous in complaint. The blank, empty quietness that was upon him now was most unsettling.

At Grant’s instruction the guard had opened the cell grudgingly but without argument. Grant’s innate authority and the power of Wellington’s name had been enough, and although he did not think that any body would question his permission to remove Strange from the premises, he was keen to leave as quickly as possible. He kept up a good pace, with Strange behind him, until the huge heavy street-door slammed behind them and they were once again free.

Title: An England that is dead

Author: equestrianstatue

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Prompt: So I rewatched the prison scene at the end of episode five just now and was struck by how incredibly softly Grant speaks to Strange through his cell door… Grant is so worried about him you can see it all over his face, and so desperate to help.  What I’m after is a fic wherein Strange doesn’t portal out of his cell before Grant can take him away.

Summary: AU. Grant successfully removes Strange from prison.

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