A Magician Was a Different Matter Entirely

magician was a different matter

It just so happened that one evening Strange had been needed to perform a certain magical feat in the general’s lodgings but was taking so much time to get the spell right that everyone had left, leaving the two men alone in the room.

It took the magician a few more minutes to complete the task, but when he finally did he was glowing with satisfaction and pride, a magical twinkle in his clear blue eyes.

Title: A Magician Was a Different Matter Entirely

Author: TheDove

Characters: Jonathan Strange/Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington)

Summary: Wellington was so pleased with the road the magician had built that he started looking at him more, and decided he liked what he saw, he liked it very much.
Mr Strange was a very good looking man, quite different from the necessarily rough soldiers he surrounded himself with, being a general and all, and was so refreshingly … soft, still unscathed by the hardship of battle, so deliciously unused to the kind of affairs army men had, that his lordship believed he’d love to … take a bite.

Author’s Notes: As a belated birthday gift for Etave , these two are a bit of a rare pair for me but I had some fun writing this 😀

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