Happiness is a Red Tail


Jonathan Strange was not in the best mood that January evening.

The mails had come earlier in the day and, yet again, there had been no letter from Arabella. Doubts that he would never before have entertained crept unbidden into his mind. Had she tired of waiting for him? Had she left Soho-square and returned to her brother’s house, disgusted with her magician and with the magic that had taken him from her? Had she received none of his letters and believed that he had forgotten about her? Or, worse yet, that he had been killed? A million fears wrapped themselves around him and would not let him go. They gnawed at him with cold teeth and that was the very last thing he needed that night.

Title: Happiness is a Red Tail

Author: onstraysod

Characters: Colquhoun Grant and Jonathan Strange

Summary: Lonely, frustrated, and miserably cold, Jonathan Strange receives some unexpected comfort from Major Grant, thanks to a transformation spell.

NPS Notes: There are now so many of these delightful Team Peninsula Animal!AU stories that I have given them their own tag.

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