Song of the Onion


Strange was quite right to be concerned as to Lord Wellington’s reaction had he learned about the French troops’ singing cooking-pots. Fortunately the Iron Duke never got to hear about it and Strange, too, was left in blissful ignorance; equally fortunately the spell wore off after a while, although it caused a certain amount of consternation whilst it was working.

Title: Song of the Onion

Author: Small_Hobbit

Characters: Pot/Kettle

Summary: A sergeant in Napoleon’s army is taken by surprise at the source of the singing he hears.

Author’s Notes: The inspiration for this came from one of Fengirl’s fics: “Strange had long since completed the spell for the roads, and had begun on one to make the French troops’ cooking-pots sprout holes when their contents reached sufficient heat. In his present distracted state he thought the spell quite likely to have some other effect – to make the pots burst into song, for example. No doubt this would disconcert the French for a time, but he did not like to think what Lord Wellington would say about it.”

Notes: For fengirl88; inspired by If love be not his guide, part of the Over the Mountains series.

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