Magic by Numbers


“We’ve been talking – arguing, rather – about magic, how it’s done,” Lord Wellington said at breakfast, when Strange had finished the short catalogue of his wartime experiences to date.

Strange was by now thoroughly accustomed to ill-informed speculation about magic, but no doubt Lord Wellington and his officers would have their own particular variety of this. He waited politely to hear what it was.

“Major Grant here – ”

That man. The one who had sneered down at him from his horse when Strange, newly arrived in Lisbon, asked where he could find Wellington. A handsome fellow, now that he saw him properly, and looked as if he knew it. He was eating grapes and staring at Strange with a provoking air of lazy amusement.

Title: Magic By Numbers

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquohoun Grant, Jonathan Strange & Arthur Wellesley

Summary: “Major Grant here says you and this other chap have given every word in the Bible a number.”

Author’s Notes: written for the Numbers challenge at fan_flashworks; thanks to Owl_by_Night and theicescholar for their help with this one.

Read it on Archive Of Our Own

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