An Unexpected Vision

unexpected vision

“What the devil -?” Strange stared in bewilderment at the picture in his silver basin. He had been quite clear in his intention to find Lord Wellington’s whereabouts, so why was the wretched thing showing him Major Grant in a state of undress? If magic was beginning to play tricks on him, the consequences did not bear thinking about.

Grant lay on a bed such as Strange had not seen in many months; the room must be in some hotel. He was wearing his shirt and (as far as Strange could see) nothing else. Strange knew he should dismiss the vision and try again, but it was difficult not to let his gaze linger over the Major’s bare legs, or to refrain from admiring his well-shaped calves and powerful thighs.

Title: An Unexpected Vision

Author: fengirl88

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant/Arthur Wellesley, and Jonathan Strange

Summary: Strange discovers Grant in an unusual situation.

Author’s Notes: Written for a prompt on the JSMN kinkmeme; thanks to theicescholar and Owl_by_Night for their encouragement with this one.

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