Emma and Walter

emma pole

In a fashionable house in London, Emma Pole takes her seat at the table with a calm that gives no outward sign of her not having sat down to breakfast in this house for several years.

“Good morning,” Walter offers, looking up from his coffee and newspaper.

“Good morning, Sir Walter.” Emma greets him calmly and then helps herself to toast and the regulation scraping of butter in silence.

It wasn’t always like this. When they first married, when they were engaged, the two of them had at least talked.  They hadn’t married for love, Walter had had his career to think of, but they had been able to manage civil conversation over the breakfast table and it wasn’t that he hadn’t cared.

Title: Emma and Walter

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: Emma Pole/Walter Pole

Summary: The morning after Emma and Arabella return from France, Emma and Sir Walter have breakfast together.

Author’s Notes: Cut scene from Chapter 15.

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