Chance Encounters


“We apologise for the delay to this service. This is due to an earlier train fault. We should be departing shortly.”

The announcer doesn’t sound any more convincing than the last three times he mentioned their apparently imminent departure, which has gone from fifteen minutes late to simply ‘delayed’. Grant shifts his weight from one foot to the other and mops his face on his sleeve. He’d like to be anywhere but here. On fucking exercise for four weeks and now stuck on this packed train on the hottest day of the year. He wouldn’t have got on the train at all if it hadn’t been for the contents of the memory stick, tucked in the inner pocket of his uniform trousers that has to get back to Wellesley tonight so the analysts can start looking at it.

Title: Chance Encounters

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey/Arthur Wellesley, Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: A chance meeting on an overcrowded train leads to an exchange of phone numbers, but Grant has secrets to keep and it’s not always easy to begin a relationship when the other person doesn’t know who you really are.

Author’s Notes: This initially grew out of a kinkmeme prompt asking for Grant overheating in his uniform, but changed into modern Grant overheating in a different uniform and then grew a plot without my noticing. Also partially inspired by an episode of Spooks/MI5 where Tom goes undercover as an army officer.

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