Swipe Right


Supper was over that Sunday evening and so the four of them walked out into the front garden, conversing amiably in the deepening twilight. Arthur was lighting the first of several post-meal cigarettes and murmuring something appreciative about the late summer blooms in Bell’s flowerbeds, and Jonathan lagged behind the others, watching with boyish fascination the wavering flight of a moth. His wife took the opportunity to thread her arm through Colquhoun Grant’s, leaning her head affectionately on his shoulder.

“You know how much Jonathan and I enjoy having you over for these Sunday suppers,” she said gently. “But it makes us sad to think of you dining alone all the rest of the week.”

“I don’t hear you telling Arthur that,” he remonstrated with a good-natured smile.

Title: Swipe Right

Author: onstraysod

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Colquhoun Grant has given up on his love life, but his friends – Arthur Wellesley and Bell and Jonathan Strange – have done no such thing. Without Grant’s knowledge, his profile is posted to an online dating site and it isn’t long before William De Lancey shows up at his door. William’s planned an unusual first date, but Grant is less than enthusiastic. Will love prevail?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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