Scrumping (series)


At the end of a hard day’s ride, they came at last to their night’s resting-place, an abandoned farmhouse in the valley. The setting sun shone on a walled orchard full of pear trees, gilding the fruit that hung heavy on the boughs. Major Grant dismounted with an exclamation of delight and set about pulling the ripe fruit from the trees.

“What will you cook them with?” asked Strange, who doubted the farmhouse would provide what was needed here. He did not intend to eat any of the fruit: stewed pears reminded him of his childhood and attendant bellyaches.

“Cook them?” Grant exclaimed in astonishment. “You don’t cook pears like these, Merlin. It would be a sacrilege.”

Title: Scrumping Series

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: a series of short fics in which Grant and Strange indulge in both the local delicacies, and one another.

Part One: Scrumping.  A conversation about fruit, in an orchard at sunset.

Part Two: Black Figs. Grant introduces Strange to black figs in a Spanish market.

Part Three: Custard Tarts. Grant and Strange make an unexpected discovery in a small Spanish town.

Part Four: Miel sobre hojuelas. A conversation about pastry, outside a Spanish inn.

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