You Can Be Had

mission doll grant

Jonathan likes this time of day – the not-so-small hours, after a good night’s clubbing. It’ll still be dark for ages yet, though it’s so warm it doesn’t feel like December. He drapes his jacket over his shoulders and breathes in the sour-sharp air of the city streets.

He and Art and William sit in Bar Italia till it closes at 5, then walk through Soho. Art is grumbling about the lack of all-night places in London, how the developers have taken the heart out of the city, how it would all have been different fifty years ago.

“Well, you would know,” William says, and Art smacks him hard on the arse and calls him a cheeky young whippersnapper.

Title: You Can Be Had

Author: fengirl88

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, and Arthur Wellesley, in various combinations

Summary: A modern AU inspired by the plot of the musical Guys and Dolls.

Author’s Notes: This is for Owl_by_Night and etave, who originally prompted it in a Tumblr conversation about Guys and Dolls and then egged me on to write it.

Chapter 1: Jonathan makes an ill-advised bet after a night at the club with his friends.

Chapter 2: The crypt of St-Martin-in-the-Fields isn’t where Jonathan thought his night out would end, but here he is, with the man from the Mission – his name is Grant, apparently – who insists that what he needs is hot sweet tea.

Chapter 3: Whatever Jonathan was expecting from dinner with Mission Man, it didn’t include getting flustered and being teased about it before they’ve even got inside the restaurant.

Chapter 4: Jonathan’s phone wakes him with a text message from Art: no words, but a picture that’s the very definition of NSFW.

Chapter 5: Jonathan and Grant go to the cinema, amongst other things.

Chapter 6: From the aftermath of the row to New Year’s Eve.

Chapter 7: Henry Woodhope’s scary kid sister is the last person Jonathan expected to meet at the Save-a-Soul Mission.

Chapter 8: Grant’s wearing the same middle-aged blue cardigan and dull t-shirt he wore for dinner at the Cuban restaurant; it’s infuriating that Jonathan now finds this outfit attractive.

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You Can Be Had Extras

Chapter 1: Flawed Hero: A glimpse of Art’s point of view.

Chapter 2: Squaring Up: Art’s had these encounters before with the man in possession.

Chapter 3: Strips Nicely: “I bet that one strips nicely,” Art’s godmother had said, staring appreciatively at some well built rugby-player.

Chapter 4: A Silver Bracelet: The bracelet’s a flat band of silver, engraved with Elvish characters.

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