Billiards at the Bedford


A soldier has no business marrying, Grant had told Strange in the Peninsula. Though an answer most often deployed to discourage any ladies casting a matrimonial eye on his regimentals, it was also an article of faith with Grant. The softer affections had no place in the lines. Even friendship, such as his own reluctant and surprising friendship for the army’s magician, might prove a dangerous weakness.

Title: Billiards at the Bedford

Author: fengirl88

Characters: Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, Arabella Strange, & William De Lancey

Summary: Major Grant finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the army’s magician.

Chapter 1: Billiards at the Bedford.  Major Grant appreciates the pleasures of peacetime.

Chapter 2: Breaking Bad News: To break the news of a death was a familiar task, though Grant had never quite grown used to it. To tell a woman that her husband had vanished into a mirror, gone who knows where, was quite another thing.

Chapter 3: Honourable Restraint:  This was no passing fancy, but something altogether more serious.

Chapter 4: London, 1815: A soldier in peacetime was a queer sort of animal; Grant knew this, but had forgotten.

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