Team Peninsular

The term “Team Peninsular” (or Team Peninsula) was coined by nothinghamshire (neut) on Tumblr.  It refers to Arthur Wellesley (Lord, later the Duke of Wellington), Lieutenant-Colonel (later Colonel) William De Lancey, Major (later Colonel) Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange (“Merlin”), Strange’s servant Jeremy Johns, the soldiers Winespill and Ned, and any other named or unnamed members of the British armed forces engaged in the Peninsular War, or the Hundred Days campaign against Napoleon, as they appear in the BBC TV adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s book Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell.

team peninsular
Team Peninsular (l-r); De Lancey, Grant, Wellington, and Strange

In addition, book!canon Team Peninsular works might include Generals Alava, Picton, Strathclyde and Stewart, the Quartermaster-General Colonel Murray, Colonel Manningham, Fitzroy Somerset (Wellington’s Military Secretary), Private Watkins, Sergeants Jefford and Nash, Captains William Hadley-Bright, Whyte and Macpherson, the Lisbon inkeeper Mr Prideaux, the Chaplain Briscall, and even the guerrilla commander Jeronimo Saornil.

There’s more!  Many of the above-named people really existed, so real historical characters might occasionally be drafted into fanworks to further the plot.