About the archive

Not Particularly Safe is an archive of works inspired by Jonathan Strange’s activities as Magician in Ordinary to Wellington during the Peninsular War, and later, the Hundred Days campaign. Most of the content is housed on other sites; I’ve collected it together here simply for my own convenience.

There is sub-site to this archive called Not Particularly Safe AU, which contains fanworks set outside the period of the source material.

  • If you come across anything Team Peninsular-related that I haven’t listed on this blog, please let me know!
  • In the fic descriptions, I follow the usual convention of using & to denote non-sexual, non-romantic interactions between the characters, and / to denote romantic or sexual interactions;
  • On Archive Of Our Own (AO3), warnings for violence, graphic sex, etc. are listed at the top of each story. However, stories from the jsmn kinkmeme do not always have warnings attached to them. I have added AO3-style warnings as tags on kinkmeme stories, but if you are visiting the kinkmeme, please proceed at your own risk;
  • I have included the first few sentences of each story as an aide memoire;
  • Comments: if you’ve enjoyed reading something that is hosted on another site, please comment on that site, not here!

Fan work hosted on this blog

I’m very happy to host work relating to the activities of Team Peninsular for people who don’t want to compromise their anonymity, or who do not have an AO3 account, Tumblr blog, or personal website.  All comments on hosted fanworks will be moderated (by me), and because I’m a sap, I won’t approve anything unkind or critical!

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